The Grief Series

The Grief Series is a body of projects by artist Ellie Harrison.

Ellie’s work uses playful strategies to engage people and change the British narrative around grief. It’s for everyone from 5 to 95 years old to celebrate and remember people they’ve loved and lost.
Using a seven stage Grief Model from psychology as a starting point, each project is a collaboration with artists and communities working in different fields including performance, photography, installation and sculpture.

The work is born out of personal story but has touched over 30,000 people. Informed by rigorous research with academics, clinicians and the public, the series creates safe spaces where notions of grief can be expressed openly through a range of empowering creative practice.

“Looking back it just underlines for me how powerful art can be at unlocking difficult things, at encouraging people to share and understand, and at making them comfortable doing so. It was truly a privilege to take part in this show – although it didn’t feel like I was taking part in someone’s show, it felt like it was mine”.

“I left the piece feeling unburdened and uplifted. I can’t thank you enough for this experience. It was wonderful and very moving”.

We are part of Arts Together because great art happens when people connect.

Contact details

Telephone: 07754684930
Email: [email protected]

People you may meet

  • Ellie Harrison

    I’m the artistic director and can usually be found performing and facilitating at our events and wearing a 50’s dress. I think about not just what audiences see and hear but what they smell, taste and touch so there is often food and drink involved in my projects. I try to create friendly spaces where we can take a moment to slow down and reflect: with laughter or tears and a cuppa. I like making arts events for unusual spaces because you get to meet all kinds of people. I’ve made performances for village halls, vodka bars and a layby on the way to Bradford.

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