Leeds Combined Arts

We are a community and voluntary arts organisation based in Headingley. We run a wide variety of arts-based workshops in Headingley, Meanwood, Hyde Park and Woodhouse, although we are happy to go to other areas if required. We also have a regular monthly poetry evening where all are welcome to read in the second half of the evening, and a bi-weekly Book Reading Group. Every month we have a walk of around 5 miles usually with some poetry or prose readings and music.

Everyone is welcome to attend our events; we charge a very small amount for our events typically £3-£4 and often provide events free of charge when we receive funding. Feel free to have a chat with us at any time.

“Excellent! Really enjoyed all the workshops I attended they were calm, relaxing and fun. The sessions enabled me to use my voice in a way I never dreamed possible.” – Suzanna, from the ‘Voice Workshops’.

We are part of Arts Together because we believe everyone should have access to the arts. As well as being enjoyable and creative, it helps to improve the psychological and physical well-being of those attending.  It enables them to meet new people and old friends as well as reducing isolation in the community.

Contact details

Leeds Combined Arts
Headingley Enterprise & Arts Centre
Bennett Road

Telephone: 0752 730 4492
Email: [email protected] (General Secretary) or [email protected] (Chairperson)

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