Compass Live Art

Compass works with artists from across the UK and beyond making interactive, projects for public locations. Most of our projects are collaborations with a wide range of community organisations and they are all free. We present work year round and in particular produce Compass Festival.

Compass Festival bursts onto the streets of Leeds every 2 years, with brilliant interactive experiences that bring high quality art to touch people as they go about their daily lives. Our projects encompass performance, visual arts, dance and music. They are thought provoking, entertaining and memorable – and designed specifically to reflect and celebrate the places, people, history and stories of our city.

All our projects explore everyday lived experiences and need community participation to help make them – sometimes specific groups such as care home residents or children and young people, sometimes particular neighbourhoods like the street project “Would Like to Meet” by Scottee in Bramley in 2018, and sometimes communities of interest like collectors of unusual things, or waterways enthusiasts.

“I really wouldn’t have expected to stumble on some place so lovely just at my doorstep… we had such good conversations. Normally that’s not really like me, I’m quite shy…”

‘A great way to step out of the regular city life and discover a new perspective of it…’

“We were absolutely bowled over – fantastic in both concept and execution!! “

“I’m so happy I could cry!”

We are part of Arts Together because we think it’s a great way to connect with a wide range of community groups and colleagues in arts organisations across


Compass Live Art
c/o Patrick Studios St Mary’s Lane

Tel: 07866604924
Email: [email protected]

All photos by Lizzie Coombes

People you may meet

  • Annie Lloyd

    I’m Annie, Co-Director of Compass, which I helped set up in 2010. I’m responsible with Co-Director Peter, for managing the organisation, selecting artists, fundraising and anything else that needs doing. I was 15 when I attended my first exhibition. It was about the Pendle Witches and I’ve been bewitched ever since.

  • Peter Reed

    I joined Compass in 2011 to produce the first weekender festival before joining forces with Annie to build and grow the organisation into what it is today. I have also worked as an independent producer for Louise Ann Wilson Company, Grief Series, Slung Low and Common Wealth. Born and raised in Leeds but I don’t sound like it, so no one believes me.

  • Anna Turzynski

    I joined Compass in 2014 as one of their Young Producers and they haven’t been able to get rid of me since. I now produce the biennial festival and lead on development opportunities for artists. You will usually find me on the phone and sending an email at the same time, whilst holding a clipboard and a large fake flower prop.

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