CFL Enrichment Team

The Enrichment team is part of Child Friendly Leeds. We are a dedicated resource for care experience children, young people and young adults aged 0 – 25+.

We work with businesses and organisations from various sectors to provide opportunities and meaningful experiences to a community that may not otherwise have them. We are committed to developing essential skills and connecting disadvantaged communities with activities and projects that will enrich their lives actively, socially and culturally.  We produce events, deliver projects and facilitate entertainment activities that are both inclusive and diverse.

We organise several events through the year aimed at different communities.

CFL Live and CFL Sundays that run in the city centre, we offer fee places to families from disadvantaged communities around the city centre.

We host three ambassador events year. Each one has a different theme. We invite ambassadors with specific interests, as well as third sector workers and members of community to get together to problem solve, partnership work and increase engagement.

All of our targeted projects are aimed at different communities. We work with a lot of arts organisations to deliver culture projects such as dance, music and drama with an aim to develop skills, confidence and resilience.

“The organisers went above and beyond”. She said that the building was “spectacular and an amazing venue for the day”. MB was so proud of herself. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the hard work and commitment that has gone into organising such an event for young people that often lack such opportunities. It’s helped to build our ladies confidence so much so she wants to attend further events, something she has shied away from historically”.

We are part of Arts Together because we recognise the value of the arts and culture sector not only developing vocational skills but also its necessity in tackling issues with self-esteem, confidence and resilience, These are essential skills for the majority of young people and young adults who have experienced trauma early on.  We are also conscious that young people/ adults living in disadvantaged socio-economic areas can be deprived of cultural experiences. We are committed to making Leeds an inclusive city where everyone gets the same opportunities.


Emma Southam
Enrichment Manager, Comms and Engagement Team
Merrion House
Leeds City Council

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Tel:  0113 535 0638

People you may meet

  • Emma Southam

    I am an Enrichment manager for Child Friendly Leeds. I manage and coordinate projects and events as well as developing the Enrichment ‘brand’. I am dedicated to giving opportunities to young people and adults that positively affect their lives and development. I love extreme sports, video making and photography particularly when mixed together.

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