Open Source Arts

Open Source Arts is a place for making; a space for practicing community, creativity & collaboration across art forms, crafts, backgrounds & skill levels.  We encourage and support people to realize projects, curate events & learn new skills in our homely urban warehouse setting.  We do this by supporting people and their ideas, through a diverse programme of arts events, workshops and environmental projects, enabling for more inclusive and resilient communities.

Whether you’re a curious individual; professional artist, performer or maker; or a community group – Open Source Arts exists for you.

“This is my second course at Open Source Arts, and what a great day! Scrap Sculpture welding workshop was a wonderful introduction to metalwork- more workshops please.”

“Fantastic course – learned a lot in a day and feel like I have a lot more confidence in my own drawing. Relaxing atmosphere, and a great group of people. The venue is excellent too!”

“The junk boat project has so much potential in bringing people from a vast variety of backgrounds together! Key words to sum up the two days, challenging, the city, fun, engineering, creativity, team work, recycling, unique, community.”

We are part of Arts Together because we believe that anyone and everyone can benefit from engaging with artistic and creative activities – contributing to healthier, more sustainable, inclusive and better-connected communities, and because we understand how powerful art is in transforming ideas, people and places – enabling communities to connect and develop.

Contact details

Open Source Arts
Unit 1A Aire Place Mills
143 Kirkstall Rd
Leeds LS3 1JL

Telephone: 0113 2468975
Email: [email protected]

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People you may meet

  • Myra Rowland

    Hi, I’m Myra! I help to keep an overview of and provide support to all of the different strands and activities on offer at Open Source Arts. I do this because I am passionate about strengthening and empowering individuals and communities, and doing this in a sustainable and creative way!

  • Phil Marken

    Hi I’m Phil and I wholeheartedly believe in making dreams into reality, which is why I started Open Source Arts. I am passionate about celebrating together and finding ways for folks to collaborate not only on projects but also on the creation of great places to live and work and enjoy life, artfully and socially. This permeates through everything we do here at Open Source Arts.

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