Fall into Place

Fall into Place aims to build people’s confidence, wellbeing and skills, mainly through drama. We are based in Seacroft and work with people of all ages from 4 up to 101! We love bringing together people of different ages and backgrounds to learn from each other, form friendships and build a stronger sense of community, as well as have a lot of fun!

    We run a range of groups for people of all ages including:

  • Drama Club, summer club and youth clubs for children in East Leeds
  • After School clubs and workshops in schools and care homes
  • Intergenerational drama groups
  • Dementia friendly groups with music and singing
  • A range of training (e.g. public speaking) using drama techniques
  • Six week drama projects for organisations
  • Community performances to highlight a key issue or celebrate an event.

“Exactly what it says on the tin! Everyone can “fall into place” from drama, dance or fun at the play box sports and many other exciting events and opportunities – there’s something for everyone.”

We are part of Arts Together because we believe the arts are an amazing and meaningful part of a person’s life and community, and want to champion and work with other arts organisations who bring art to local people. 

Contact details

Fall into Place Theatre
Manor House
1 Manor Street

Tel: 07341254967
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

People you may meet

  • Sarah Goodyear

    I run adult-based activities and training. I love drama and it has massively improved my confidence and wellbeing, so I am passionate about bringing the same opportunities to others. I once had a table collapse during a live performance - luckily the house was meant to be run down, and the other actor cleverly said “This house really is falling apart!’

  • Sarah Goodyear

    Naomi Roxby Wardle

    I’m really passionate about drama and love working with children and seeing their confidence and creativity develop, just as I was lucky enough to experience as a child. I once worked with a group of children during summer camp to make a play about healthy eating - they created Sugar Aliens who invaded the Healthy planet and made a sugar fountain - it was brilliant!

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