At Space2 we have a passion for the arts. The kind that changes lives. And we know it does because we’ve seen it happen – many times. Clearly, we don’t do it all by ourselves – there’s our partners, including schools, community groups and public agencies.  But it’s the communities and individuals we work with who never cease to amaze us.  Taking part in the creative process – whether you’re learning to knit, writing poetry, singing in a community choir, or painting – starts to create change.  It builds skills and confidence, experience and aspirations, joy and purpose.

“It is really heartening to do activities with other local people. The more familiar faces you see in the area, the better you feel about living there”

 “They know now, as they come together, from histories lived, experiences gained, and hopes imagine, they come together. Pen to paper, unleash the mind, writing what comes forth, sharing, supporting, growing, performing, they came together, they know now”

Contact details

Telephone: 0113 320 0159
Email: [email protected]

People you may meet

  • Paul

    Hello! I'm Paul, and I’m Mental Health Project Manager. Most of my work is with young people, supporting them to improve awareness about mental health in their school or local community, with the help of local artists. The highlight of my creative life was playing Danny in Grease at school!

  • Emma

    Hello, I’m Emma, and I’m Senior Project Manager. My role involves developing the communities programme of work at Space2 and creating an environment where communities and artists can co-produce work together. An early engagement in the arts was seeing The Love for Three Oranges at Leeds Grand in 1988, I loved the scratch and sniff cards that were given away with programmes as part of the performance.

  • Jelena

    I’m Jelena and I manage and deliver art and community projects to raise self-esteem; aspirations and improve health and wellbeing in areas of deprivation in East Leeds. I’m a practicing visual artist based in Leeds area and I’ve been contributing to Space2 exhibitions by working with Space2 groups to create meaningful pieces of art for the shows. When I’m not working for Space2 I teach art at Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Leeds Playhouse First Floor and I’m an enthusiastic, overqualified photographer of my two feline friends in their natural habitat of my living room.

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