Leeds City Council – Culture Development Team

The Culture Development team is, in effect, a policy team which works to support and champion creativity and the creative sector across the city of Leeds. Our current focus is on the development of Leeds’ Culture Strategy.

We are part of Arts Together because we believe in arts and culture for every person who lives and works in or visits Leeds.

Contact details

Leeds City Council
Culture Development Team
Pam Johnson
Team Manager

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0113 378 7679

Photo credits: Stu Robinson

People you may meet

  • Pam Johnson

    A REALLY obscure, ambiguous fact - one of my earliest public performances was for a visit to Leeds by Cindy Breakspeare, the first black woman ever to be crowned Miss World in 1976. Our performance in 1977 included a song about the ‘Peel Head John Crow’, a Jamaican children’s folk song. I might sing it at a future network meeting!!!

  • Gaby Paradis

    Fun fact?! And why I do what I do …. I didn’t really know what the arts were, but I always enjoyed making up dance routines and stories, But after being a Sheep, a Turkey and Fire yes just fire!! I decided that maybe I wasn’t cut out for acting. Later in life I discovered you can support other people to tell their stories and decided that was something I wanted to do.