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Standfast logoWe at StandFast want to bring ex-offenders into the light, highlighting people are not just their pasts, allowing themselves to move forward is hard enough but we want to show the realities of people’s real stories  and give society a unique opportunity to see them through performance, poetry and art. StandFast is about bringing ex-offenders into the community and showing them they have a place but also bringing society to them and showing them we are all human.

We would love to work with agencies who would like to better understand the system of prison and the people in it. We would also love working with people who think no one gets it out here no one gets me, with art poetry and performance maybe we can all come together and find our place. We are currently doing a poetry project called See the Distance engaging with ex offenders to explore feelings through words as well as those affected or moved by people’s journeys (we all have one) and bringing community life together through short videos online.

‘We actually nailed it, we actually did it… Boom’ A StandFast group member.

We are part of Arts Together because we are stronger together.Standfast group members

Contact details

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @StandFastProdu1

People you may meet

  • Dalton Harrison

    I am Dalton, I work as a poet writer and artist as well as performer. I formed StandFast shortly after I got out to highlight the ex offenders are real people with real lives as well as through poetry I discuss gender and the conditions inside the prison system. At school I never got the part as the lead in any school play and soon grew disheartened at bush number three and lamp post in street scene. I actually got my first lead as Cinderfella in prison, to which I knew there was no going back. I had caught the bug!

  • Kath Rowland

    I am Kath, I work in StandFast as a poet and playwright .I once went backward over a stage reading a poem at school because I got into it. My favourite music album growing up was The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd.

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