As part of our quarterly seasonal programme we offer a variety of short courses that use creativity to promote wellbeing and positive mental health. These enable visitors to explore and respond to our exhibitions programme further by focussing on topic, concept or art practice and techniques.

“These classes are great for me as I’m retired and on my own and it really gives me something to look forward to. Every week I leave feeling happy and excited to return. When I made the decision to start a sewing class, I looked around at a few in the area and this one really stuck out to me because others wanted an up-front payment for a full semester and seemed quite strict on attendance. I like the sewing classes here as I can choose when to come and pay per lesson; I’m not expected to pay the full price due to me being retired. I think that charging an up-front fee creates a sense of exclusivity which can put off those on a lower income or the retired.”  David

We are part of Arts Together because togetherness is crucial to enable Arts for All.

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Inkwell Arts
31 Potternewton Lane

Email: [email protected]

People you may meet

  • Bev Harrison

    I'm the chef.

  • Amanda Burton

    I'm the Inkwell Arts Administrator.

  • Anna Ridley

    I'm the cafe coordinator.

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