Found Fiction

Found Fiction is a global network of writers, readers and artists. Our work breaks into three strands: writing workshops, creative installations and street literature projects. We work with public sector organisations to inspire people in everyday spaces through the written word.

As an arts organisation we offer community work in the following ways:

Writing workshops – we’ve staged these across the north, including in Leeds, Huddersfield and Manchester. Our workshops take place both in easily accessible city-centre locations as well as in hard-to-reach communities.
Creative installations – our installations have been hired by schools, festivals and libraries to inspire people around writing and literature.
Street literature – our #foundfiction envelopes are distributed across the world via a network of distributors. We place them anywhere they’re likely to be read and appreciated. They can end up in cafés, bars and bus stops – making it a highly accessible form of art. Similarly, our It’s Proper Art project aimed to inspire people in their everyday routines, with large billboards bearing inspiring words in key public areas of Leeds.

”One night I went on a date, but the guy stood me up. While I was waiting for him at the bar, I picked up a magazine. A #foundfiction envelope fell out. I rushed home, and spent the rest of the evening in a bubble of glee, reading and writing fiction. Since then I’ve had three stories published by #foundfiction, and I’ve distributed around my home city of York. It’s really exciting to see #foundfiction going from strength to strength. Finding that envelope will always be a happy memory for me”. Rachel Wade, York.

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We are part of Arts Together because we strongly believe in the value of collaboration across the arts. It’s all too easy to get into ‘delivery mode’ where you spend all your time planning and staging events, but this can lead to siloed working. We know how important it is to challenge what we and others are doing to make a more compelling case for the arts for our audiences. It’s arguably never been more important for arts organisations to work together, and we’re keen to share best practice, industry knowledge and inspiration with others – and learn as much as we can from them, too.

Contact details

14 Chapel Street,
LS13 1LL

Telephone: 07907311545
Email: [email protected]

People you may meet

  • Steve Clarkson

    Passionate writer, public speaker and spoken word host. Fun fact: Steve can communicate fluently in BSL.

  • Sarah Whitehouse

    Writer from Leeds who is committed to travelling the world in search of stories. Fun fact: Sarah has travelled extensively in Asia, publishing on her way round.

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