Caring For Life

Based on a farm in North Leeds, we are a Christian charity offering care and support to vulnerable adults.

Whilst homelessness is often the problem that brings a person to us, we usually find this is just the tip of the iceberg. Often, a whole range of other problems lie beneath the surface, such as learning difficulties, a psychiatric disorder, or experience of abuse.

Our motto is simple, “Sharing the Love of Jesus”. We seek to do this in a very practical way, enabling each person to develop dignity and self-respect. Through the Housing Support team and the daytime activities that we offer, we try to provide accommodation, ongoing support, love and friendship, and when necessary, providing that care ‘for life’!

We organise several outings each year for our beneficiaries to visit various arts venues in Leeds. Every person who attends the Music and Drama projects at Caring For Life has the opportunity to do so, and we actively encourage this!

Many of our theatre and concert outings have been enabled by Opera North’s amazing Encore scheme, and we also had the privilege of being one of their Community Partners in 2019. Some of our beneficiaries are becoming real opera buffs!

In February each year, one of our members takes part in his local pantomime and his friends from the farm attend en masse to support him and to join in enthusiastically with the “oh no it isn’t”s! It has become a highlight of the year for many.

“I’ve learned a lot about music since being at the farm… I’ve got new tastes for different styles of music (although you still can’t beat 60s music!). … Music helps me when I’m feeling down. It can be like a medicine sometimes.”

Live performance by Caring for Life service users

We are part of Arts Together because we’d like to connect with the wider community across Leeds (& beyond!) and to enjoy all the wonderful arts that this area has to offer!

Contact details:

Caring For Life, Crag House Farm
Otley Old Road
Cookridge, Leeds
LS16 7NH

Tel. 0113 2303600

Email: [email protected]

Music session at Caring for Life

People you may meet

  • Harriet Saw

    I lead the Music project and assist Sean with the Drama project at CFL. I see music as a great way of building relationships with people. It is an absolute privilege to see the dear individuals that I care for gaining such joy and worth from making and experiencing music/drama together. A fun fact? One of my favourite bands as a child was S Club 7, and I remember being very upset when I found out that they had split up. My musical tastes have changed a lot since then, but I still know nearly all of the words to “Bring It All Back”!

  • Sean Kelly

    Who I am and Why I do what I do: I lead the Drama project and assist Harriet with the Music project at Caring For Life. Drama offers people a break from the humdrum and invites a different side to come out. I love to see people connecting with each other in ways that don’t happen in ordinary life. People disconnect from life outside of our space in order to connect with each other, themselves, and the wide world in really unique ways. FACT: My real claim to fame is as an extra in Panic! At The Disco’s 2011 music video for the song ‘Ready To Go’. Look fast at 0:52!

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