Young Musicians for Social Justice: The Podcast

Available until Fri 2 Apr 2021

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Young Musicians for Social Justice is a new society based at the University of Leeds which aims to advocate for the use of music to provide sustainable social justice solutions. Series 1 of the YMSJ Podcast features notable scientists, practitioners and musicians who have generously given their time to share their thoughts on the question: “What is the role of music in bringing about social justice?” Guests include Matt Peacock MBE from Arts & Homelessness Intl & Streetwise Opera, Dr. Omar Shahryr from Opera Schmopera and Jennifer Raven from Sound Connections and Fairbeats.

Podcasts are currently available via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pocketcasts and Anchor Podcasts. Follow us to stay tuned for updates via social media, search for @YMSJuk.

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The podcast will be accompanied by an audio transcript for those who are hearing impaired.
Trigger Warning: The content and discussion on some of the episodes on this podcast will engage with difficult topics such as homelessness, imprisonment, forced migration, racism and domestic violence, which may be emotionally triggering for anyone who has lived experience of any form of prejudice, discrimination or difficulty.

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