Sit With Us

From Mon 14 to Sun 20 June, times TBC

Convention House Convention House
St Mary's Street

In Person Visual art Workshop / participatory


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About the event

A tranquil space to squeeze your reflections into. A feeling of comfort to wrap yourself in and have a conversation. A place to gather your friends and your thoughts.

 Sit with Us will take place at Convention House during Refugee Week (14 – 21 June). It is an interactive art installation where women from different migration backgrounds invite you to sit, make yourself comfortable and listen.

Sit with Us will feature printed textiles, filmed monologues and invitations to take yourself on guided sound walks around Lincoln Green and Mabgate.

Sit With Us will also be available as a virtual exhibition. Follow Mafwa on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and subscribe to their newsletter for further information and behind the scenes insights.

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Accessibility Info

There is lift access to all floors and accessible toilets as well as a dropped curb outside the main entrance.

Rigorous covid precautions will be in place at the venue to ensure the safety of staff and audiences. If you want to find out more, email [email protected] for further information.


Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible

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