LGBTQIA+ Postcard Exhibition

1 Aug 2021 - 31 Mar 2022

Online Event

Celebration Exhibition Visual art


About the event

Our LGBTQIA+ postcards exhibition is now live on our website! View the exhibition here!

This project aims to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community and art, by showcasing 16 LGBTQIA+ artists, and distributing a number of packs amongst LGBTQIA+ focused community groups.

We have specifically chosen to communicate the project and its responses through postcards because of their tangible form, in a time where the world has become increasingly reliant on virtual, two-dimensional connections. The postcard as a souvenir of an experience, a communication tool, and as a memoir of our connections with the physical world echoes our intention to document and archive.

The exhibition on our website is in conjunction with a physical exhibition at Aire Place Studios in 2022. We will be displaying the 16 postcards along with the community submissions we recieve back.

You can get your copy for a suggested donation here, all donations from this go to a gofundme to create a safe place for LGBTQIA+ Gypsies and Travellers. In every postcard pack is also a blank postcard for you to take part in this project!

This project was funded by The National Lottery and curated by Amber ‘Ayy’ Kaplan

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