Leeds Textile Trail

Available until Mon 31 May 2021

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Leeds Textile Trail tells the story of people, places and events that have helped to shape the city that Leeds is today.

The textile trade and clothing manufacturing helped Leeds to grow during the 1800s and 1900s – and our Textile Trail shares stories of some of the key people, events and places that make up this rich history.

From Temple Mills to Sir Montague Burton, we shine a light on characters and places that are central to Leeds textile past. With beautiful illustrations and links to further information, our Trail will help you to discover how textiles and clothing manufacturing have played such a central role in the development of our city.

The Trail is part of the Leeds Fashion Futures project, which is led by Zero Waste Leeds with funding and support from The RSA. Through Leeds Fashion Futures we are exploring how together we can create a more sustainable future for clothing and fashion. Through looking back at our history, we hope to inspire people to look forward – and to imagine how once again Leeds can play a central role in the development of a more sustainable fashion industry.

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