Lalela – Listen with THABO

Fri 22 Mar 2024

Howard Assembly Room Howard Assembly Room
46 New Briggate


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Explore the ceremonial elements of collective listening in this early evening, candlelit event with THABO and some of his favourite records.

Listen with your memories, listen with your visions. Listen with your wondering mind, and your beating heart, just… listen.

For over a decade, THABO has been a captivating musical storyteller, using his soulful melodies to shed light on pressing global issues such as climate change and social challenges. His music carries a unique charm and purpose that especially resonates with live audiences. THABO’s artistic expression has now broadened and evolved to embrace the BantuTronic philosophy, conceived as a compelling exploration that seamlessly melds ancient traditions and futuristic dreams.

Anchored in the rich cultural tapestry of the Bantu people, this philosophy offers a unique perspective on the interplay between humanity, nature, and the cosmos. In this current practice, THABO weaves together music, storytelling, and immersive experiences, creating multi-sensory realms that transport audiences.

Accessibility: Baby Changing Room, Wheelchair accessible

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