Homos and Houmous: Back on the zoom so soon already!

Sat 23 Jan 2021, 8:30pm-midnight

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Celebration Comedy Live music / concert


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£11 well-waged / £7.70 waged / £4.50 unwaged

No one turned away for lack of funds. Contact organisers for more information.

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About the event

Drag – Poetry –Dance – Music – DJs – Semitic overtones

Queer, Jewish cabaret collective Homos and Houmous welcomes all hebrews, shebrews and theybrews, goys and gals (all welcome). Closet nothing. Covet everything.

We’re international, we’re colourful, we’re on the internet now, you see!

With artists from Sheffield, London, Berlin, Wolverhampton, Glasgow, Newcastle, New York. Expect drag, poetry and dance, Yiddish music and stories, DJs and much more. Expect more theatre, more schmatz and even more houmous. Your nan will love us (if she can work the zoom)!!

Host: Chanukah Lewinsky
Ruth Nicholson
Jaivant Patel
Christian Adore
Nana Schewitz
Vivi Lachs
Rokhl Merlot
Lazlo Pearlman
Shane Baker
Yankl and der Glomp (Tamara Micner and Emily Rose)

Since 2016 Homos and Houmous has been schlepping around London with a smorgasbord of drag, comedy, live klezmer, poetry and politics. Hosted by music hall grand dame Chanukah Lewinsky (think Julie Walters on speed), the night began as an open mic at Housmans Bookshop for LGBTI+ Jews to celebrate these two identities which can so often feel at odds. Judaism has a long-standing tradition of camp and queerness and Homos and Houmous is always a raucous family affair; where Bette Midler’s musical stand-up in the bathhouses of New York meets arguments over Shabbat dinner.

This show is produced with the generous support of Asylum Arts, Arts Council England and Sadeh Farm

ONLINE SHOW 8.30-10.30pm GMT

PARTY with DJ TAMTAM 10.30-12.

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