Can You Hear Me?


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Call 0113 213 7700 or book a free ticket online.

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Testing, testing 1…2…3…

Sign up for our Weekly WhatsApp Broadcast to receive positive voice notes of hope and reflection straight to your phone, left by award winning industry professionals including playwright, rapper and beatboxer Testament, actor Lladel Bryant and comedian Maisie Adam. Event recommended for anyone aged 13-25.


1. Book a ticket to receive details of how to sign up and gain access to the WhatsApp Broadcast phone number

2. Save the phone number to your contacts (you need to do this to receive the broadcast)

3. Listen to the audio notes and messages when you want

4. If you feel like it, send us a reply (don’t worry, it will just go to Playhouse, not everyone on the broadcast)–  voice your opinion, speak a poem, sing a song, reply in any audio style that suits you.

We are listening, so let’s join up through sound, words and creativity.  We’ll share thoughts with you and we want to know what’s on your mind too. 

At the end of the project, to celebrate the sound we created within the broadcast, audio messages will be selected to contribute to a large soundscape mixed and edited by a professional Sound Designer.

See who we are.

Accessibility Info

You will need a smart phone and download the What’s App application to access this weekly broadcast.

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