Enjoy at Home: Paper Birds

Arts Together have commissioned some Enjoy at Home projects to keep us all occupied and entertained during lockdown.  So we hope you enjoy this first one from Hannah at Little London Arts.

You will need:
Felt tip pen/s
Needle & thread
White or coloured card (re-use old cards / leaflets or flyers)


To make:

1. Copy and cut out the two shapes above to make templates. You will then be able to make as many birds as you want
2. Draw around and cut out the body shape from card, including along the short slit line
3. Draw around and cut out the wings shape from paper, including along the short slit line. Fold in half
4. Decorate the body and wings using felt tip pen to create eye, beak, feathers, etc. as you wish
5. Insert needle and thread through the dot on the body, and tie a knot in the thread to make a hanging loop of desired length
6. Slot the wings into the body

What to do with your bird/s – suggestions:

1. Hang up at home: make several and hang them in your window
2. Take a picture: email it to [email protected] and we’ll add it to the flock
3. Keep hold of your bird(s): once we’re out of lockdown, we will make an installation of them
4. Keep one – give one: make two and post one to someone you know who lives alone, or drop off safely!

Download the pdf

And have a look at the flock here