Hello from Tiph


My name is Tiph Kelly-Mancaux and I’m the newest addition to the Community Partnerships Team at Opera North. I’ve worked with Opera North for 4 years and the arts have been a big part of my life since I was little but I was never able to choose one discipline. Art helps me feel well, hopeful and connected to other humans. These days, I enjoy playing music with my baby daughter and making mail art on my kitchen table.

It was an honour to join the Arts Together partners at the Town Hall last month for my first Arts Together session. Whilst a little shy at first, I felt very energised by participants’ good will, transformed by the discussions and inspired to give my very best. I cannot wait to get to know everybody better! The Arts Together project means a lot to me. I believe arts organisations have a responsibility to deliver work to a wide audience and offer events which are reflective of the world we live in. Leeds is incredibly diverse but suffers from a growing economic divide. Arts Together is a way to tackle inequalities by actively encouraging communities to take part in the cultural life of Leeds and making people from disadvantaged backgrounds feel valued and empowered by art. As Arts Together grows, I’m looking forward to coming across tangible examples of how art can break down prejudice, develop empathy, and inspire a sense of community. On a personal level, I believe I can learn a lot as I help shape the project collectively.